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Payment Options: Jun 29, 2020

Our system (old Aurora script) does not yet allow the use of new payment systems, if you want to make a purchase on our site with another method, please contact us, we can accept: Airtm, Neteller, Payeer, Bitcoin, among others. Thank You Admin

New Payment processors. Apr 25, 2018

We are trying to implement new payment processors, to replace Payza. Please wait a little.

Black Friday: 10% discount on all purchases! Nov 24, 2017

Black Friday: 10% discount on all purchases; today and during the weekend!
= Admin = 8 Year Anniversary! Mar 13, 2017

It was 8 years ago that began offering its services. In celebration of this we are running the following promos, until end of March:
-- 10% discount (all items);
-- More Ads; more Special Packs.
-- Surprises (gold ads = more $$).
Thank you for everything.
---- Admin ----

7 Years Online !! Mar 13, 2016

Today it is a great day for; It is our 7th anniversary.
In order to celebrate and to thank you for your support and trust, we will have some promotions:
-- 10% discount (all items), until end of March.
-- More Ads; more Special Packs.
-- Surprises (gold ads = more $$).
Best regards,
---- Admin ----

Site Offline (Abr.30/May.01) - Upgrade hosting plan May 01, 2015

We apologize for our site have been offline a few hours; but it was necessary due to maintenance and the hosting company to upgrade our plan, now faster and more secure server ...

6 Years Online !! Mar 12, 2015

Hello to everyone!!
Today it is a great day for; It is our 6th anniversary.
In order to celebrate and to thank you for your support and trust, we will have some promotions and surprises:
-- 10% discount (all items), until end of March.
-- More Ads; more Special Packs.
-- Surprises (gold ads = more $$).
Best regards,
---- Admin ----

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Dec 24, 2014

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year’s Eve and a healthy and cheerful 2015!
= Admin=

~~~~~ 5 Years Online ~~~~~~ Mar 12, 2014

. celebrates five years online.
- 10% discount on all items, until end of March. - Surprises (gold ads = more $$); more Ads; more Special Packs.
= Admin =

Discounts.... Dec 23, 2013

. 10% discount on all purchases until end of year.
- - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 --
-- Admin --

Installing addons and adjustments. Dec 18, 2013

We're installing some addons and adjust the new script version. We count on your understanding, soon everything will return to normal operation.

SDR 3.1 Dec 17, 2013

We just upgrade to a new version of the script: SDR 3.1; the newest, most advanced and secure Aurora scrip.

=== 4 Years Online === Mar 12, 2013

. celebrates four years online.
- 10% discount on all items, until end of March. - Surprises (gold ads = more $$); more Ads; more Special Packs.
= Admin =

Difficulties in accessing your accounts (Login); Now being normalized... Jan 24, 2013

We apologize for members not being able to access your accounts, unfortunately we had a problem in hosting (update=incompatibility), all coming back to normal now, to reward you for this stop, we will add more ads and some bonus for recent purchases and discounts. Admin

Contact Form and Email to activate account - Fixed Oct 01, 2012

We recently had a problem with sending/receiving emails, particularly affecting the Contact form and Activation Email for new members, we apologize for the inconvenience, are now fixed.
- If you have not received our email to activate your account, please click: Login - Activate Account - Resend Activation Code.
- If you recently try to contact us and failed or have any questions/problems, please contact us again (Contact - bottom of page).

3 Years Online Mar 15, 2012

. celebrates three years online.
- 20% discount on all items, until end of March.
- Surprises (gold ads = more $$); more Ads; more Special-Promocional Packs (coming soon).
= Admin =

Deleted inactive accounts. Feb 25, 2012

-- We have deleted inactive accounts; only inactive since a long time (many months). Possibly originated change in the list of your refs. This is necessary for a better functioning of our site and better transparency for our advertisers.
-- We will continue to try to improve our service, and our next objectives are: improve support system and install a new template.
= Admin =

Ads are not resetting . . Jan 12, 2012

Dear Members, We apologize for ads are not resetting, we're trying to fix it. Recently we changed to another server (and hosting company), we are still doing some tests and set up some things, has not been easy, many things do not depend only on us .... We hope for your understanding, it's all to improve our service in the future.
= Admin =

Inactive Accounts Jul 13, 2011

- We deleted some inactive accounts (new Site Stats); do not be surprised if number of referrals decreased in your account, they were inactive for a long time.

Celebrating Two Years Online Mar 14, 2011 Celebrates Second Anniversary with special promotions, discounts (-20%) and surprises (ads/links) or gifts.
The celebration of this anniversary will last untill the end of March.
See our "Messages", Ads and our Twitter:

Payout + Promo + Infos Feb 07, 2011

Please see our Help/Terms (at bottom of homepage)
- Members of Countries with restrictions, must have a Premium account to receive payment, can not be purchased with account funds, use Paypal/Alertpay/L.R.
- If your Profile not have Country, or if your Country does not match your profile, your payment will be cancelled. Contact and tell us your (correct) Country, will be added manually.
- 10% discount, all purchases, during the next 48 hours.
- You can use "Support Tickets", may be a little faster than "Contact" form. Admin

10% off, during December Dec 07, 2010

= 10% discount during December, all purchases. =

New "addon" and improvements: Oct 26, 2010

We just make some improvements on our site:
- New "addon": Ref Back Module (on top menu - will be operacional shortly).
- Added link "View Ads" on top menu; a form of visitors view Ads even without being registered (good for advertisers, and future members know better our site).
- Added "menu tool-tip", that show description when mouse hover.
- F.banners fixed.
- We made some more improvements, you will notice.
------------- Coming soon: new banners

Support Tickets Sep 05, 2010

We inform our members that feature "Support Tickets" (My Account Panel) is activated, can be used to contact us, or when you need our support.

New Script (SDR-2) Aug 17, 2010 has been updated to the new SDR-2 Script.

I hope that now our site works better and no errors in the script.

We apologize for the earlier delays and errors in the previous script. Also the admin was some personal and helth problems, causing many limitations to devote to, now is better and have more time available. Thank you for your understanding.

New script May 07, 2010

Dear Members,
We apologize for the delay to fix everything after installing the new script, we are making a great effort to be as fast as possible, you should understand that not only depends on us. Due to the installation of the new script we will also correct the layout of our site.

Site not accessible May 05, 2010

-We are upgrading our script (new MRV5), we apologize for the inconvenience we will try to be quick and return everything to normal. - There is no problem with your account is not necessary to do anything, just wait and when we finish our work, we will tell you this way, newsletter and twitter.

Country Restrictions Apr 29, 2010

- The following countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India, must be upgraded (Premium account), in order to be able to cashout (not valid account funds, only valid Paypal/Alertpay/Liberty Reserve). We apologize to honest members but we had no choice, because of the high number of cheaters/BOTS/Auto Clickers from these countries.

-We recently added two “Memberships” (Verified year/month) are suggested for members of countries with restrictions, but are particularly beneficial (profitable) for all members. 1 Year Anniversary !!!!!! Mar 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Members of !
To celebrate this glorious day, in the coming days, we will offer some gifts, surprises, promotions and more ads.
Thank You For Trusting us.
Follow us on Twitter

Site offline (few minutes) Mar 11, 2010

We apologize for our site have been inaccessible for a few minutes, but there was a problem with hosting company, now returned to normal. - - Ticket Response: "The server crashed and is being rebooted, your site should be online shortly."

Alertpay added for purchases Feb 27, 2010

We have added a new payment processor for purchases: Alertpay. From now you can purchase also with Alertpay.

PTSU - suspended accounts Oct 28, 2009

Once again, we warn all members to read our rules (PTSU) and Terms. Today 14 members had been suspended for cheating in PTSU (paid to signup). We also control the advertisers, we have eliminated 1 account, the advertiser was cheating (incredible).

PTP & PTSU Oct 22, 2009

PTP – AUTO-SURFS NOT ALLOWED: You can not promote our site on auto-surf’s. Anyone found doing this will be suspended.

PTSU – Members who are found cheating in PTSU (paid to signup), their accounts will be suspended immediately, see our rules: “You must activate your account when joining the program listed” – “You must copy and paste your welcome email in the form above”; “If you purposely enter false welcome emails, your account will be suspended” – ”
If you do not enter a welcome email, your signup will be denied without question”.

7 Month Anniversary Oct 14, 2009

Today celebrates 7 months.
-We launched another special (7 months special).
-We will put some links surprise (bonus link) is random, who find them will win (for the next 24 hours (now 01:30 GMT)).
-See our “Twitter
............................Thanks for being Great Members!!!!

Liberty Reserve Sep 23, 2009

We have just added "Liberty Reserve" as a payment option! We will also add it as a payout option in near future.

Attention to our Terms/Rules: Sep 04, 2009

.All members must verify that the information in the accounts is complete and correct (Country, email, name). If you do not tell us your country our system does not make payments to you (your payment will be canceled).

.Attention also to “paid to signup” see our rules. We have suspended many members by trying to cheat in PTSU (paid to signup), due to false “welcome emails” and/or “not joined”.
-10 members were suspended (false PTSU).
-6 Payments canceled by the system (no country).
-2 accounts deleted because of attempts to cheat..

WE REACHED 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 20, 2009

-The member 1000 is “ivelin” and received 1 “Welcome Membership” for free.
-I’ve added a new special “1000 members special” only $1 (limited)
-Follow us on Twitter,
-Warning: No Country = No payment (read “Terms”, if you can not enter country, send us through “contact”).

News (good/bad) Jul 12, 2009

Good news:
.I left the hospital (but I’m still recovering – operation/surgery), I apologize for any delay during this period.
.From now I will have more time to GrandPTC.
.The GrandPTC has continued to grow, we are almost 1000 members, and made over 100 payments.
.we have many premium members and advertisers investing in our site.

Bad news:
.Eliminated some accounts due to cheating.
.Canceled some payments due to members not indicate their country.
.I will rise (soon) the prices of “memberships” only 10 to 20 cents because of the paypal fees.

Coming soon:
.July 13 – 4th month of Grandptc – promotions
.Follow the GrandPTC on Twitter, link: GrandPTC on Twitter
-Payments/purchases via Liberty Reserve (link)
.And more. . .

News Jun 30, 2009

Dear members of GrandPTC

.During this week (29.jun-05.jul), I will not be able to 100% in Grandptc, I’m in hospital and only have access to my site through mobile internet.
.The site will continue to operate normally, only there are some limitations in the “support” (email / contact) and payments. I hope that does not take much time and come back soon to be in good health and 100% to manage my/your site.
.Thanks for being members of GrandPTC

False Representing / Multiple Joins / Payments Jun 18, 2009

(Some notes to our members have in mind, to avoid problems.)

.False Representing/No Country:
-We do not tolerate anyone who uses false information to get referrals.
-If upon sign-up, your country is not auto-assigned, please send a contact thru the site with your contry (send username and contry), and it will be placed in your account profile by admin.
-If you have no country listed in your profile, or if your country does not match your profile, your payment will be cancelled.
-If your payout request had been cancelled more than 3 times for the above reasons, your payout request will be deleted with all earnings included.

.Multiple Joins:
Unfortunately we have found that some members have multiple accounts.
Some accounts have been eliminated, and others are under verification.
-Terms: “You are not allowed to create any more than one(1) account per household or IP.”
-Multiple sign-ups shall be grounds for immediate termination.

. Cheating:
If someone is caught cheating or simply attempting to cheat, we have the
right to forfeit all earnings and ban the user from our network.

2 Months: New Special, and site Updates May 13, 2009

. Our website has 2 months and we launched a special very cheap to celebrate (2 Month Anniversary Special), only today.
. “Paid to Read Emails” is activated, earn more money. The best way to promote your site or program.
. “Paid to Signup”: Unfortunately some members were suspended because of false signups (false email or no signup in site).
.”Payments”: we do not make payments to members without an indication of their country, name and correct email, if you want some information please contact us.

Earn More - Paid to Read Emails May 13, 2009

Read emails and view websites for cash and points. View your profile (preferences) to opt-in for receiving paid emails.

Paid to Signup May 09, 2009

. The users who send false Signups will be suspended immediately, you must read carefully the instructions in “Signup-page”.
. If you Signup any offer, you must past a copy of “welcome” email; and if welcome email has a activation link, you have to click it.
. Trying to claim money from the paid to signup section when you do not join the program (advertiser) is considered cheating.
. Today I had to suspend some members because of fake signups (no “welcome” email, false signup).
Member: “krasi….” – 7 false signups – suspended 7 days
Member: “veron…” – 7 false signups – suspended 7 days
Member: “natas..” – 5 false signups – suspended 5 days
I will verify/confirm other members . . .

. If after the suspension a member back to cheating, the account will be deleted immediately.

. If you have ads in the Paid to Signup section and a member has cheated you, please write me (contact form, Account Panel-Messages-admin or email).

Payments Apr 28, 2009

-We made some changes in “Withdraw” (now, no fee `s).
-Standard: $0.25 Evowallet, $1.00 Paypal and $1.50 Alertpay.
-Premium: $0.25 Evowallet, $0.50 Paypal and $1.05 Alertpay.

Asian Member Account Policy: – After the first payment the members from asian countries must purchase a membership, or at least make one purchase in order to be able to cashout (not valid account funds, only valid Paypal or Alertpay). If you are an asian member and you attempt to cashout without purchasing a membership, your payout will be denied the first time, then your account suspended the second time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have many members of these countries to give us problems.

All members must correctly complete their information in your account to receive payments (country, gender, correct email, etc..), If you want some information you can contact me, “Messages”: admin, or “Contact” form.
Payments will continue normally (only for honest members that meet our rules).

Site News (1 Month) Apr 14, 2009

.. Special Promotion 1 Month Anniversary only $0.50 (limited time).
.. “Paid to Signup” activated.
.. Already made some payments.
.. “Instant Messaging” activated – “Messages” (you can contact me: admin).
.. New Memberships Added, benefits of upgrading: – PTP CPM – more % downline earnings – more Ads – Ads alerts (Acc Panel – preferences) – many ads/banners already included in the pack – faster payments – lower payouts, no fee’s (or smaller fee) – % Bonus Of Referral’s Purchases – % Bonus When Referrals Upgrade
... Coming Soon: – Paid Emails. – Contests. – Detect and eliminate Cheaters with more efficiency. – Purchases via Alertpay. – Referral Building.

"Contact" - Lingua Portuguesa Mar 24, 2009

A partir deste momento poderá contactar-nos também em Português. Esperamos que o nosso site seja esclarecedor, no caso de existir alguma questão, dúvida ou sugestão que gostasse de nos expor, por favor não hesite e contacte-nos.

Last updates: Mar 22, 2009

- New withdrawal method´s: Evowallet (Payout $ 0.25), Alertpay ($ 1.50), Paypal ($ 1) and Paypal ($0.50 +fee). - New Special ($1) - More Ads. - - - Coming Soon: Memberships, "Paid to Promote" and "Paid to Sign Up"| G.Admin

Grand PTC Launch Mar 13, 2009

First off I would like to thank all of you that have become a member at "Grand PTC". Site is launched and ready to allow advertisers and members access to our site. - I changed a few things (for the better), for example, you earn more per click, more ads, smaller packs to advertise. - If you have any questions feel free to contact us! G.Admin

Welcome to the Grand PTC Mar 11, 2009

Hi! Grand PTC got a new owner! - The GrandPTC web site is under maintenance for several hours. - Please check back soon for the latest news. - We apologize for the inconvenience.

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